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Alyrica + Jide's Family Session

Alyrica had such a beautiful vision for her session when she reached out to me. She explained to me that she really wanted some quality family photos - but not just your traditional family photo session. She wanted to truly capture the authenticity of motherhood - what it is like to be a family - and the love they all have for each other. We decided on a state park in St. Augustine as the destination, hoping for some dreamy fields and glowing sun as the backdrop. We were not disappointed! As we walked along the path, I got to know Alyrica and Jide better and met Kioni for the very first time.

As time passed, and we chatted about their lives with Kioni, she started to get hungry. As mamas do, Alyrica fed Kioni and she immediately settled down. She was so happy to be in Alyrica's arms and it was such a powerful connection to witness.

After eating, Kioni became a little more playful and silly. I saw her light up when her Daddy held her. Jide gave Kioni so many kisses in the course of that hour and almost every time, a huge smile would appear on her little face. After asking, I confirmed she is, indeed, a Daddy's girl.

The rest of our time, I just wanted them to spend time together. Hold each other, love on each other. I wanted them to explore the paths and allow Kioni to experience it. They showed her flowers and let her feel the sun on her skin and it was really beautiful to be there with them through it all.

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