• Celeste Burns

Simone + Tyler's Engagement

When I first got the inquiry for Simone + Tyler's wedding, I was immediately SO EXCITED. In her details, she included that she wanted her vibe to be "subtle spooky". I knew immediately to expect some unique, artistic, and ornate flair. When brainstorming for their session, they mentioned that they would love to do it in their new home - before they moved the furniture in. Obviously, I was game. Who doesn't love such a beautiful blank canvas?! They mentioned natural lighting and huge windows and my heart rose. When I arrive for their session, they were perfectly dressed and coordinated. I love when my couples really think about who THEY are when they are preparing for a session! Check out their looks.

The best part about in-home sessions? Dogs are always allowed! They asked for their precious Yuki to be included in some of the photos so naturally, I had to make a couple shots all about her. Look at this adorable face!

How cute is she?? I love when a couple isn't afraid to get creative, especially when they are creative people themselves. Thank you to Simone + Tyler for being a dream couple and now I am ready for the wedding!

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